Sectional garage doors

You can purchase uplift sectional garage gate in JSC “LANGĖ” and our skilled fitters will mount it in your object. We provide 10 guarantee for our products.


  • EXCLUSIVE LOOK. Thanks to a large selection of colors and surfaces every customer will be able to adapt the gate to the roof, facade or windows and doors of his house.

  • INSULATION. Our gates are insulated with a layer of polyurethane with a thickness of 35-40 mm. Therefore retain well warmth and noise

  • SAFETY. Our gates meet safety standards because they have guards preventing painful finger trapping and spring rupture accidents and obstacle sensors. We also install locks to ensure safety.

  • INDIVIDUALITY. We manufacture our gates individually in accordance with the customer’s dimensions and needs. Therefore we can implement various technological solutions. Thanks to a high level technology of manufacture the gate can be mounted even when a lintel is absent. Doors and windows can be mounted in the gate. We offer the gate of enhanced safety and output and panoramic gate for industrial objects.

  • CONVENIENCE. Agreeably to the needs we can manufacture mechanical and automatic gate supplied with remote control, emergency locks and other accessories in accordance with the customer’s needs.

Up-over garage doors

Forget about failures of garage gate. Our company offers reliable planar gate. Ordinary and tested mechanical solutions that ensure a reliable functioning of the gate were used in its manufacture. You will not need to dye the gate or protect against rust. A galvanized structure and gate are coated with polyester. The gate is easy to open and close because balanced springs, roller bearings and buffers at the rear part of guides ensure a smooth operation of the gate.

We can install automation with remote control for those who wish to open the gate in even more convenient way. Overload protection, light barriers and spring shells are installed to ensure your safety. A dual-valve system ensuring protection from unauthorized access to the interior is a real guarantee that our gate will always close well. We can additionally mount entrance door, ventilation grid or windows in the planar gate and thus increase functionality of the gate.

Metal garage doors

Choice of a garage gate is a very important factor ensuring safety of home or premises. Swing garage gate is a reliable classic gate. Thanks to its durability this gate is a perfect choice for garages, warehouses and other commercial premises. Since the gate is very convenient to use it is perfect choice for garages of private houses or outbuildings. Metal garage gate is made of a metal sheet with a thickness of 2 mm, and its jamb is made of a rectangle metal pipe. Therefore, despite of its large size, this gate is characterized by high stability. The customer can order the gate and choose the services in accordance with his needs:

  • Options of the gate insulation: rock wool, OSB structural wood panel, metal sheet.

  • The door can be integrated in the gate.

  • The customer can choose from various locks, e.g. from padlocks to secure safe locks.

  • The gate can be galvanized or primed. This ensures exceptional resistance to corrosion.

  • You can choose the gate dyeing with enamels or power dyeing. Colors for the gate can be selected from RAL color chart.

  • The customers can choose a metal sheet with a thickness of up to 3 mm.

  • Ventilation grid can be mounted.

  • The customers can choose from a variety of hinges and protection (after cutting of hinges the door will not open).

  • Fix metal edging or corners.

  • Our personnel can deliver and mount the gate.